October 25, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis is a multi-user, network ready and multidimensional software that has been developed keeping in mind various needs of the clinician.
November 4, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis software is also a diagnostic tool that quickly puts together a diagnostic report based on information you provide, input and available from Space Analysis as well as Cephalometric Analysis. You can then further decide and judge, how will you use this information.
July 27, 2003
Available for a free trial download and if you decide to keep the software after its free trial period, you can always activate it with authorization code upon purchase.

Please click on the link above to connect with support forum. Live technical support is available only with a special request on the forum if your problem does not get resolved. Local onsite installation may be available for additional fee. Please inquire within forum.

Future upgrades will be done to integrate more connectivity within OrthoDiagnosis such as Intercom, Paging, PDA and remote access
Special Requests
Although effort has been made to include most common analysis's, its possible that you or your institute have special needs. If so this software can be customized to include your special analysis. Contact us for your special needs.
Since OrthoDiagnosis software is not limited in its use for a particular region, country or continent, best way to communicate with us is via email.
Your questions and inquiries will be handled within 24 hours. Efforts will be made to provide you all technical information online.
You will need to provide us with full details , technical information and your time frame for development. We will then quote you a fee and terms for your special project.
Custom Applications
Although intended to be an orthodontic diagnostic software, information gathered in the application can be further made available by customizing certain features for surveys, research and special projects.

Data obtained during Cephalometric tracings can be used for anthropology purposes because you have at your disposal every single possible measurement based on landmarks identified.

Future updates will place more emphasis on connectivity, web based optimization and more simpler interface.

OrthoDiagnosis has been designed keeping clinician in mind who likes to document cases, treatment plans and share/publish information. These features will be upgraded either through custom applications or updates
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