October 25, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis is a multi-user, network ready and multidimensional software that has been developed keeping in mind various needs of the clinician.
November 4, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis software is also a diagnostic tool that quickly puts together a diagnostic report based on information you provide, input and available from Space Analysis as well as Cephalometric Analysis. You can then further decide and judge, how will you use this information.
July 27, 2003
Available for a free trial download and if you decide to keep the software after its free trial period, you can always activate it with authorization code upon purchase.

You have shown interest in OrthoDiagnosisTM . This is a cephalometric digital tracing software that also functions in variety of different ways. You are about to make your life easier managing various office tasks such patient history, documentation, contact information, cephalometric tracing, marketing, letter writing, slideshows and diagnosis. For 14 days, you get to use a complete,

 Unrestricted version of OrthoDiagnosisTM software. You may purchase the software if you find usefulness for the software for your patient management. It can be a best described as a orthodontic clinical software. In return, we ask you to tell us, who you are so we may contact you in future.  Please register by clicking the button below and you will be directed to a download page.

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Click subscribe above to download OrthoDiagnoisisTM for trial with full access to all features. You can try upto 5 patients and you have 14 days to check it out. One important item to remember before you install  


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