October 25, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis is a multi-user, network ready and multidimensional software that has been developed keeping in mind various needs of the clinician
November 4, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis software is also a diagnostic tool that quickly puts together a diagnostic report based on information you provide, input and available from Space Analysis as well as Cephalometric Analysis. You can then further decide and judge, how will you use this information.
July 27, 2003
Available for a free trial download and if you decide to keep the software after its free trial period, you can always activate it with authorization code upon purchase.
OrthoDiagnosis Features
Under Cephalometric analysis, one can analyze a cephalogram, digital image of a cephalogram, a morphed image or facial photographs. A total of 43 different analyses are included for your convenience. You are presented with a global list of landmarks to identify on a cephalogram which takes no more than 2-3 minutes for a clinician. Once done, you can view any and all, analysis's one at a time by clicking and selecting analysis of your choice. All related measurements are presented to you in a tabulated format. You may import any or all analysis's in the Main Report.

Images linked in the image album, can be quickly turned into slideshows and then viewed from any patient file. This will be good for internal marketing, patient education and to quickly review available images to check treatment progress. Letters and Reports will expedite word processing and printing functions because many of the office needs are standard features available under reports. Even an easy to generate preliminary diagnostic report is available for clinician's use.

Space Analysis
A neat unique feature can calculate space requirements on your cases using pre-configured tables, your input and Cephalometric values. Document your case easily by saving the analysis. You can perform early mixed, late mixed and permanent dentition analysis. Space Analysis also considers ethnic averages for lower incisors, curve of spee, position of lower incisor on the AP line, anticipated space gained by expansion and distalization of arch and molar respectively. With selections, you can customize your analysis and use it to generate reports and for documentation.

History, Clinical Examination and Notes
Although not intended to be used as a database, these features allow documentation of your case. Drop down menus make selection procedures a breeze and you can further elaborate a point with detailed notes. Multiple history forms are available for your use , your needs and case presentation. Again drop down selections make it easy to navigate through storage of information that was impossibility before as it takes too much time and paperwork. But not with OrthoDiagnosis! It will be a matter of minutes before you can review information collected by your clinical assistants.

Multi-user, Network Ready
Software can be deployed over your wired or wireless network. You can enter and control user information as well as user access to its features. You can assign administrative passwords and privileges on a need to need basis.

Software gets installed on a main server as well as on workstations. Database is mapped on every pc on the network. Images are accessed from one common location/folder and then that folder is made available to all pc's and their users. Your stored information can be accessed from anywhere on the network as long as server allows access.
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