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July 27, 2003
Available for a free trial download and if you decide to keep the software after its free trial period, you can always activate it with authorization code upon purchase.
October 25, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis is a multi-user, network ready and multidimensional software that has been developed keeping in mind various needs of the clinician.
November 4, 2003
OrthoDiagnosis software is also a diagnostic tool that quickly puts together a diagnostic report based on information you provide, input and available from Space Analysis as well as Cephalometric Analysis. You can then further decide and judge, how will you use this information.
OrthoDiagnosis Software
A new sophisticated Cephalometric tracing software allows you to analyze orthodontic patients with over 38 different built in analysis's. Other features include ability to keep records with detailed history, clinical exam and ability to generate reports and letters on the fly. Space Analysis is integrated with Cephalometric Analysis to keep record of your patient's enamel excess or space discrepancy.

“Excellent orthodontic utility software. I don't know how I did without it for so many years.”
- Richard Conlin, DMD

Image Album and Slideshows
Allows you to link, scan and store images in your pc folder and create patient specific albums. These albums can then turn into slideshows and when saved, are available from the main menu to show your prospective patients your expertise in orthodontics. Slideshows can also be customized with notes and autotimer. Cephalometric Tracings can be stored as images or can be printed.

Various orthodontic posters are available for display in your office. They all can be further customized with your office logo, image or info. Custom posters can also be created using various high quality digital images available and then creating your unique logo. For more information, click here.

Light Differential Force Mechanics illustrated with Tip-Edge, Coralex or Begg Bracket System. Thousands of images, animations and videos.
A unique tool to keep records, analyze cases, create letters and reports. A must have for your orthodontic practice.
Cyberdontic Orthodontic Forum
For dentists and orthodontists, who are willing to share information and participate in high quality online group discussions, presentations and troubleshoots. Register and become a member today at www.cyberdontic.com/6/ubb.x.
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