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Guided surgery has been around for a while and there are many misconceptions about this method of delivering dental implants. Some important literature review is discussed here.

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Immediate Implant Placement is and should be a routine dental procedure with final outcome almost similar to placing implants in healed bone. A case review and thoughts.

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Evaluating a CBCT. Single tooth vs Multiple teeth, either way a scan viewed in 4 panes gives you valuable informtion a routine xray and clinical evaluation does not. Improve its value.

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Attend " Wound Healing" Webinars.

It is important to understand cascade of healing process as it sheds light to socket healing and bone grafting. Attend these 2 upcoming events.

Clinical Orthodontic Course.

When you register all related webinars are part of the course. Support, help for your cases and Q&'s will be handled similarly with live help.

What a restorative dentist can do with simple orthodontic corrections..

In multi-phase dentistry, if you can move teeth, it will be a plus to your practice and for your patients,

Light force, fast movement with minimum discomfort.

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upcoming implant webinars

next webinar will be about wound-socket healing and its relationship to socket grafting.

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upcoming orthodontic webinars

light force can be used to effectively move teeth. find out how it is done.

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clinical orthodontic course

starts 2nd week of may. orthodontics gives you control over your restorative case.

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