Orthodontic Webinars

OW1:  Light Force Mechanics     12/03/2015
OW2:  How to open bite               01/07/2016
OW3:  Expansion I                       02/04/2016
OW4:  Expansion II                      03/03/2016
OW5:  Early Treatment                 04/07/2016
OW6:  Impacted Teeth I               04/21/2016
OW7:  Impacted Teeth II              05/05/2016
OW8:  Logic of Retention            05/19/2016
OW9:  Types of Retainers            06/02//2016
OW10: Positioners                       06/16/2016

Each webinar is 60 minutes and participants will have a chance to ask questions in the final 15 minutes. Dr. Kale will always be available via email or phone  for any further questions.

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